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Our proposal

Our "Hero's Journey" is a personal and group development process, during three days of activities, mainly outdoors, managed by expert trainers. It is not a "Surviving School", neither a guru-guided meditation. It is mainly a reflection space dedicated to oneself, to rediscover the importance of passage rituals, maybe not so present anymore in our society but still so important in our life; and to get in relation with Nature, be it the natural environment, but also our personal human nature. Following the ""mono-myth" model", we will explore the steps of the Hero's Journey, including:

the call

In every story, from Iliad to Harry Potter, heroes feel inadequate at the beginning, they run away, looking for excuses not to leave home - to refuse their call to adventure. Instead it is only when you take a step towards what you do not know, that you start learning and widening your personal horizons... Are you ready to take this step?

the mentor

Mentor is the trusted fellow-citizen to whom in the Odyssey, Ulysses gives his son before leaving to Troy. The figure has become legendary, and now stays for everybody who guides us in a relevant way, in any moment of our story, either Gandalf or that great teacher in high school.. Let us spend a moment to honor and respect these so important figures.

the cave

As master Yoda says in Star Wars, we should train ourselves to let go of everything we fear to lose. We are full of any kind of fears, either the everyday ones regarding work and our worries, and the ancient ones, buried somewhere in our brain. Campbell writes: The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. Shall we go in?

the change

Growth happens only when you face and go beyond your limits: it is what happens to Neo in "Matrix", to Po the panda in "KungFu Panda", and to each one of us in the critical moments of our life. It might be difficult, but in the end you have to look for change, acknowledge it, embrace it, and celebrate it - with passage rituals to be rediscovered, and practiced.


individual activities
group activities
theories on the Hero's Journey model
outdoors activities

how we work

The "Hero's Journey" is more and more popular as an universal storytelling model, used in script-writing schools, in creative writing and by videogame designers worldwide. It has such a strong impact, that it proves very useful also in education and personal development. Different schools have different approaches; we will not be your truth-revealing gurus, instead more easily we will be facilitators, maybe "guides". We will give you some proposals, place some challenges, ask for some reflections. Then everybody shall have to work on their own personal discovery and growth process. For this reason we had fun creating beside here a sort of recipe for this rich menu we are offering! We are a trainers and facilitators team with a long international experience on groups activities and experiential learning, many years of practicing active methodologies, outdoor training and non formal education approaches. Our work combines storytelling, games, cinema and literature, with a strong component of experiencing nature and open air, to allow participants to build up personally their own learning - in a situation where personal dimensions are shared in the group.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek

practical infos

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who is aimed at

This programme is perfect for: companies, NGOs and organisations willing to invest on team building and human resources; sport teams willing to improve trust and cohesion in a situation different from the usual ones; schools, teachers, coaches and trainers working with storytelling, creativity, personal development; singles or groups looking for contact with nature, reflection and sharing.

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what to expect

The "Journey" can be an amazing adventure discovering ourselves and others, but it is based on what everybody will share during the experience. It will be you in charge to define every single aspect and to decide how much to be challenged. We are not promising revelations, but we are granting you an experience rich in inspirations and able to touch you deeply, either on your physical, mental and spiritual level.

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what to bring

Have you ever spent a night in the woods? No fear: our programme will not be a three-day survival challenge from "Die Hard" (or Hunger Games!), but the right equipment will be of great help to tackle tasks with low stress and in safety. If you have some' experience in hiking or trekking, you already know what you need. In any case, you will receive a detailed list with essential things to have with you.

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what to read

Having the right expectations can make the difference. Some of our references: Joseph Campbell, who in "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" identified the mono-myth. Jung on archetypes and depth psychology. Paul Rebillot on theatre and guided imagination. "The school of lost borders" in California on passage rituals in nature. Classical mythology. Star Wars, J.R.R. Tolkien, comics. All this, and much more.

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we organize - also on request - Hero's Journey activities in Italy and Europe. If you want to know more, learn the next activity you could take part in, or if you are wondering if organizing a training for your company, association, non profit organisation, click here:

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