the background

The Hero's Journey comes from studies of comparative mythology by Joseph Campbell. The american scholar with his book The hero with a thousand faces (1949) first described what he calls the mono-myth, a recurring narrative structure, found in all mythologies and epic narrations of human cultures, anywhere in the world. This narrative structure is also the track of what we propose in our activities.

This is, in fact, the oldest story ever told, and the humankind has never stopped telling it to each other: in many successful films and novels, actually you can still recognize in backlight the structure of the Hero's Journey. It’ s thanks also to the work of Christopher Vogler, Disney screenwriter and author of a screenplay-writing handbook called The writer's journey, applying the studies of Campbell to the work of screenwriters in Hollywood.

Our proposal mixes these theoretical ideas with activities that recall the oldest ritual practices and methods of confrontation and sharing of humankind, as the Circle of Council – according to the model defined by the Ojai Foundation and spread by the European Council Network, or the ritual fasting, adapted from native American practices in the model defined by the School of lost borders in the United States.

If you want to learn more about studies and experiences behind our Hero's Journey, If you want to participate in the next edition of the journey or you are interested in organizing one, do not hesitate to contact us!

participants speak:

  • “It was fundamental because I discovered that not all those who wander are lost”
    -  Chiara C.

  • “Because the essential is invisible to the eye, and one cannot see clearly except with the heart”
    -  Lorenzo C.