what to bring

Have you ever spent a night in the woods?

No fear: our experience will not be a three-day survival adventure as in “die hard” (or something similar to The Hunger Games!), but the right equipment will be of great help to tackle tasks with the right degree of confidence and safety.

If you have some’ experience in hiking or trekking, you already know what you need. In any case, you will receive a detailed list with essential things to have with you.

We can still anticipate that, in a standard edition, You may find helpful to bring:

  • a waterproof jacket with hood
  • a headlamp
  • mountain boots, hiking / excursion shoes or anyway waterproof ones
  • several changes of underwear
  • warm socks
  • a waterproof tarp / plastic sheet or similar, useful to build a shelter for the night
  • comfortable clothes that can keep you dry in case of moisture
  • a sleeping bag

A complete list, adapted to the time and place of your edition of the Hero's Journey will be anyway sent to all participants!


participants speak:

  • “Join this, even if you're not educators: you will educate and get educated by the whole group”
    -  Riccardo T.

  • “I'm not the first, I am not the pioneer of change, but I'm just believing in it.”
    -  Chiara B.