who we are

We are two trainers and facilitators, experts in active learning and experiential methodologies. We have many years of experience in training with groups at European level, using the non-formal education approach. Here's some more information about us:

Carmine Rodi Falanga studied business administration, to find out that he did not want to work in a company. Experience as a journalist, then blogger, now he works as a trainer and consultant on non-formal education and experiential training in Italy and Europe. He co-founded and is President of the social cooperative Muovimente, in Viterbo. In 2005 completed “Training for Trainers” organized by Salto-Youth agency of European Commission and in 2014 he studied the rites of passage using nature with “The school of lost borders” in California. He invests all the time who can cut out from work, personal life and family in movies, tv series, reading and video games, and considers it all “a necessary investment in his professional training”. Obviously, nobody believes him.

Michele Di Paola studied contemporary literature, but he balanced fiddling around with computers since she was 15 years old, and with mixer and turntables since he was 23. He works as a trainer and facilitator in Italy and Europe, using the methods of non-formal education with groups, specially in education – school – youth fields, never stopping to find similarities with his experience in the scout movement. He is promoting programs that combine open air activities and technologies; on this topic he has based his work during the “Training for Trainers” by Salto-Youth agency of the European Commission, completed in 2015, and he built the startup company Firetech Camp Italia, in Monza. He secretly hopes that his son will fall in love with Star Wars as soon as he will reach the age to watch the movies and fully understand them.

participants speak:

  • “It was fundamental because I discovered that not all those who wander are lost”
    -  Chiara C.

  • “Sharing something is very important; here the atmosphere is very welcoming and you will learn this as well.”
    -  Hugo S. L.